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  1. Hi there,
    I was researching realtors in your area as I am looking for a realtor/mortgage broker powerhouse team.
    I was checking out your profile on a realtor website, and I am hoping that you may be the one.
    Do you have a favorite mortgage broker that you work with? If so great! I have been running some great Facebook ad campaigns for getting real estate investor leads, and leads for mortgage brokers that happen to be first time home buyers, that often aren’t working with a realtor yet.
    I am looking to replicate this system in multiple cities – 1 realtor/mortgage broker team per city.
    These are exclusive leads to you – no sharing.
    Would you be willing and able to handle an influx of leads -Variable.realtorname-? (free trial to show you how powerful this is!)
    If so please go to
    and schedule a call with me so we can chat about it.
    Sal – p.s i am offering a free trial

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